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Paul Balmuth is a man of integrity. That is a good place to start in any construction project. I found him an honorable and thoughtful partner during the entire process: from design to budget to demolition to finished project to follow-through afterwards. Paul is smart; the men who work with him are creative problem-solvers with a good attitude. Paul is proud of the work he does and works hard to please his clients. It is never fun to remodel, but if you embark on this journey it is fun to work with a talented and trustworthy contractor like Paul Balmuth. Five years later, I look back on the project and the process with great satisfaction.   Bea Ann Smith

Tall Order. Metal Becomes the Material of Choice for A House on Stilts (Page 64). Click for DigiMag link to article (After being re-routed to the magazine page, you will need to click on the "DigiMag" link for the entire article). Metal Mag

Celeste Elder had outgrown the tiny two-bedroom house she had lived in for 10 years. Instead of searching for a new house in the increasingly expensive Austin area, she and her husband, Jeff, decided to remodel...   Click for article Remodeling Magazine 2002

Thanks Paul! It was a pleasure working with you and your group…I know it was a very customized project, but the group really tried hard to do what I wanted – and they did! I couldn’t be happier.   Myra Rio

Our experience with you and your work was our pleasure as well. You are a true professional. That quality seems more difficult to find every year. It has been comforting to know that you were in charge of our projects at home and our business. You can be certain that we will call on you in the future and recommend you to others without hesitation. Ron & Peggy Weiss, Jeffrey’s Restaurant